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The role of Backlinks in SEO and how to build a strong link profile

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Google is like a popularity contest, with millions of websites competing for top positions and influenced by dozens of factors. Backlinks are a "vote of confidence" from one website to another, an appealing indication of value to Google in between all of the noise of competition. Many business owners and marketers who have a basic understanding of search engine optimisation understand the importance of link building. In this section, we will look at the true value of SEO backlinks and how to build a strong backlink profile.


What specifically are Backlinks?

Backlinks or sometimes referred as “Incoming links” are URL links that connect one website to another. A site or page that receives links from a referring domain is one that has backlinks pointing to it. In other words, if you link to another website, that website receives a backlink from you. Backlinks are clearly an important part of the web. They help with referral traffic as well as direct users to relevant pages. It's essential to understand the various types of backlinks and how they can be used in SEO strategies.

Link Profile

A link profile is a collection of backlinks to a web page or domain. The website's quality and relevance are determined by Google algorithms by looking at its link profile. It should be as natural as possible because this will help your ranking. Sites with strong link profiles (a diverse number of high-quality backlinks) tend to rank higher in search results, generate more traffic as well as target audiences more effectively.

What Is the purpose of a Backlink?

Backlinks are formed when one website (i.e. a referring domain) mentions another website on one of its pages (typically by placing a contextual hyperlink inside relevant content). Websites exchange value by linking to one another. Consider backlinks to be trust signals or web page citations.

A backlink is composed of a URL and anchor text (clickable text) that describes the content to which the URL refers. They Can be placed in a variety of locations on a website or on the internet. A backlink, for example, can be placed within the main content of a blog post to indicate to Google that the external page to which it is linking may be of contextual relevance.

What Makes Backlinks Favourable in Google's Algorithms?

These days, Google algorithms value quality and naturalness. They seek high-quality backlinks with authority and relevance. The quality of a backlink is determined by hundreds of ranking factors. Following are some of the main factors:

  • Links from Authoritative Domains

  • Authority of the Linking Page

  • Domain Age

  • Number of Referring Domains

  • Contextual Links

  • Backlink Anchor Text

  • Editorial Links

The Benefits Of Backlinks For Your SEO Campaign

Keep in mind that the main goal of SEO is to increase the visibility of websites to users of search engines. Backlinks represent a vote of confidence that other websites have in your website. They help search engines in determining a website's authority and relevance for a particular subject or keyword. Google will determine that your site may be valuable and worthy of delivering to the SERPs if you receive more links to it from referring domains.

Quality backlinks are links that point users to the most useful and relevant content. Therefore, the more high-quality backlinks you can obtain for your website, the more valuable Google will consider it, and the more likely it is that your website will rank higher in the SERPs.

Tips on how to build a strong backlink profile

Create high-quality

Creating original, high-quality content that visitors will like is a big challenge. However, it is by far the most effective way to improve your backlink profile along with overall SEO health! Determine which types of content are generating the most pageviews or social shares using Google Analytics.

Invite guest Bloggers

Guest blogging presents your content to a new audience while also giving you the unique opportunity to control your backlink! You can write a post in which you strategically link keywords back to your site - or to a related blog post on your site.

Request that your partners and customers link back to your website

Partner pages are a popular way for businesses to recognise strategic alliances. They even give you a backlink! Request that your trusted contacts link to your company.

Comment on blogs and participate in professional discussions

This is very simple as if you find a post that connects with you, join the discussion in the comments section! It's an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge, get noticed and even add a subtle backlink to your website.

To conclude, backlinks are an important ranking factor because they represent a vote of confidence in your website and are absolutely necessary for increasing SERP visibility. So, having a strong backlink profile will provide you the required backlinks and help your site get indexed faster by Google web crawlers, which use backlinks to find out and rank web pages. Without incoming links, ranking will take much longer (if at all).


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